First and foremost, I’d like to thank all my clients, vendors, staff, and future customers for your support. I could not be here without you, and you are the sole purpose for my business.

During the time when GreenLeaf’s expansion was only an idea, someone asked me “What makes GreenLeaf Bodywork, LLC different from other massage clinics?  Why choose GreenLeaf Bodywork before others?” I thought about this long and hard.  Together we have built a team that provides the best and most caring service we can to every client, every time, every day—no exceptions. We hire the best and our main focus on our clients.  We offer many different types of massage and have better than average pricing, for the high quality of the massage given.  Our therapists are continually learning and adding to and honing our skills. In a day and age where prescriptions and office visits are many, we offer a holistic approach to your wellbeing.  We have been awarded as a 5 star business and voted the best in Detroit, but in my mind that wasn’t enough. I wanted to take GreenLeaf Bodywork to the next level in holistic offerings. This is where the wheels began turning about how I can make GreenLeaf Bodywork even better for our clients and continue to help the community.

During and after a massage we take time to educate a client on their specific issue, but often, this is not an appropriate time frame.  Client issues can vary from the neck, shoulder, back, legs, limited flexibility and injury, among other ailments.  After time, we see changes in our clients for the better, but sometimes, for different reasons, the client may see a setback in their recovery. Perhaps it is because of budget, time constraints, or because they simply feel better and feel no need to continue. Many times people are not getting enough therapy and re-injure themselves.  Whichever the reason, most clients do not understand what they are doing wrong when they experience slow or stunted progress.

As professionals, we educate our client on stretches and what to focus on, which has become an increasing passion in my business. This yearning to educate the client led me to develop, expand and open GreenLeaf Bodywork Wellness Education Center. The Education Center’s purpose is to focus on instructing, educating, and offering alternative means for people who suffer with pain, from means other than prescription drugs. I am now realizing this dream by offering a place where clients can learn more and utilize our services for a healthier you. We now offer several Yoga classes, guided meditation and stretching, as well as personal training in order to personalize your health regiment. Additional classes can be requested by private group lessons as well.

Again, thank you for your support and WELCOME TO THE NEW “GreenLeaf BODYWORK WELLNESS EDUCATION CENTER”!!!!!!


Looking forward to bring change to your life,
Kelly Battaglia